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Posted in haters gonna hate on April 25, 2011 by jaesee

Why does one negative nancy always make me feel like total crappola?

See Comment from Alkimama

I never made initial contact with the West Seattle Blog and the only follow up contact I had with them was because they showed a genuine interest in the yarn bombing and I thought they’d like to see pictures. In fact all the photos they’ve used on the blog are not photos from me. I don’t email and say GO DO A STORY, but they follow my twitter and other people involved in YarnCore have sent in tips.

So, this brings up an interesting point. Should I not be tagging my work? Do I not deserve any credit for the work I have done? I know many artists in different mediums such as painters, doll makers, tattoo artists, graphic artists, dancers, singers, etc, and they all have a blog, website, facebook page or twitter. They market themselves and try to get their name out there. So why is what I am doing any different? I’m not seeking fortune, and I’m not putting my real name on anything, so it isn’t like I’m trying to gain much fame for myself. I’m trying to get YarnCore out there because I love doing it and I want to share it with others and have others join me. I’m trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with that.

Or maybe I just shouldn’t pay attention to trolls.