About YarnCore

YarnCore is a West Seattle based group working to make soft and cuddly yarn art for all of Seattle to enjoy. The group is led by me, J-See aka Jaesee.

From Wikipedia: “Yarn bombing, yarnbombing, graffiti knitting, guerrilla knitting, or yarnstorming is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk. While yarn installations – called yarn bombs or yarnstorms – may last for years, they are considered non-permanent, and, unlike graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. The practice is believed to have originated in the U.S. with Texas knitters trying to find a creative way to use their leftover and unfinished knitting projects, but it has since spread worldwide.


For more information on yarn bombing, visit http://yarnbombing.com/ or http://www.magdasayeg.com/home.html


4 Responses to “About YarnCore”

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  2. j. Shawver Says:

    Dear Yarnbomber, I don’t know if I should contact you or knot. I LOVE what your doing. I live in the Admiral District and I crochet. But back to why I am writing. A loved one came home with a beautiful glass globe and gifted it to me. I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have been really bummed out. I THINK the glass globe is from your art piece, I feel bad that it was taken but truly love the piece. I don’t know if I should return it as I don’t want my boy to be in trouble. We are honest people and wanted to know my son knows I love blown glass and he loves me. Will you forgive us? Your art has brought me joy but also we are artists as well and want you to know that we will take good care of the glass globe if you let us keep it. Please don’t be angry with my son as he loves his Mama and only wanted to see me smile. Signed, sick Mom

    • Please do not worry! I’m glad that you have the piece. In fact today I walked by and noticed they were gone and was glad people who wanted them took them! They are from west Seattle art attack and that is what they are known for, giving away art to the community. I’m so glad it brings you joy.

      Your comment brought me to tears! My own mother has advanced kidney disease and will hopefully be going through kidney transplant surgery soon. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Let me know if you’d like to get involved in the yarn bombing, we’d live to have you! Take care.

  3. Jana Shawver Says:

    Thank you so very much! Yes I would love to be involved with more bombings and also the garage sale. I want to give back some of the joy that you are spreading. I live in the North Admiral area. My son paints and I am sure he will contribute something for the garage sale. Please feel free to contact me, I posted something on Facebook about the globes. Thank you for the art and I have a pair of slippers I crocheted for your Mom. It all goes around. Please look on facebook under my name OR e-mail me. Hope your Mom likes the color blue. Love, Jana Shawver

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