Garage Sale is this Saturday May 14th!

We’re number 204 on the map. It’s a group sale and we’ll not only have a ton of really amazing items (Wii Fit, 3 televisions, 2 antique dress forms) we’ll also have snacks and lemonade for sale. Plus a big group of amazing friends all willing to donate time and items to a great cause. Check it out.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day Map
(Scroll down to #204 for details!)

Happy Mother’s Day! What better day than today to ask you to come down and buy some stuff to benefit my wonderful mom? And you may just find out the mystery identity of me, Jaesee aka JC, the woman behind YarnCore!

If you are unable to attend, but still want to contribute, here is where we’ll be accepting donations and depositing the garage sale funds raised: Smarty Pig Kidney Fund


One Response to “Garage Sale is this Saturday May 14th!”

  1. […] appearing around a tree near Radio Shack in The Junction, during tonight’s West Seattle Art Walk. According to the YarnCore website, the group is part of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – #204 – one of the benefit sales. […]

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