This thing got quiet for a moment. I’ve been crazy busy and May 1st is fast approaching. I also have something to put up for Easter, mostly created by fellow knitter and member of the YarnCore gang, Irukandji. I finally got my i-cord maker to work with some yarn I had, plus I bought some extra yarn and then found some yarn in a box that was appropriate and now I have MANY MANY yards of beautiful green i-cord. I’m starting to realize that I shouldn’t plan too far in advance for these things because then life happens and I get tired or busy and then no knitting happens.

Luckily I’ll be getting flowers and things from other people, and have already received some beautiful stuff. So this coming weekend I’m going to sit myself down in front of the teevee with my flower loom and make a crap ton of flowers. And then knit some leaves.

So stay tuned for photos of an Easter themed yarn bomb this weekend and then MAY DAY EXPLOSION. I just hope the May Day “explosion” doesn’t just look like a lame thud.


2 Responses to “Whoops”

  1. The Velvet Bulldog Says:

    I have May Day on my calendar and flowers and leaves ready to go! Just let us know when and where!

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