Meander’s Kitchen Bomb!

Today’s bomb as of a different variety, a free standing piece that didn’t need installing. It used and was inspired by blown glass art by recent collaborator and friend of Yarncore, West Seattle Art Attack. Expect more pieces incorporating blown glass art from WSAA in the future!

The dirt is knit, the leaves are knit and the flower is knit. Spent all day Saturday like a knitting fool getting this ready! But I liked the way it turned out so much that I really didn’t want to just leave it outside somewhere, like the other two projects. This seemed more appropriate for a local establishment of some sort. On the Yarncore Facebook page, we received some suggestions, like leaving it in a library or neighborhood community center. These were good options, but I feel like there isn’t a lot of traffic in libraries anymore, especially the one near where I live, and for it to have the biggest impact in a library I’d want to put it in the downtown location. This didn’t appeal to me, though, because I’m trying to stick to West Seattle for the time being. I then thought about all the restaurants and coffee shops that I love in West Seattle, and tried to think of a place that would really b e appropriate. And then it occurred to me that I was planning to go to Meander’s Kitchen the next day to pick something up from the brilliant owner (and friend of Yarncore) Miranda and realize that Meander’s would be the perfect location for it, so I brought it along!

If you haven’t been to Meander’s (or heard of it), it is a tiny breakfast place in the old Jade West Cafe location that a lot of people in West Seattle have been raving about. It’s pretty much a one woman show, with Miranda cooking up delicious breakfast and lunch on the stove right in front of you. She’s mindful of your food allergies, sensitivities and diets and everything is very fresh and authentic. Miranda is not only an amazing cook, but oh so friendly and it feels like home away from home. I had the Punk House Hash with potatoes, spinach and a variety of sauteed veggies (the broccoli and wild mushrooms tasted amazing) and I had it “epic style” which included cheese, poached eggs, sour cream and this really delicious homemade salsa. It was all SO GOOD. Not your average greasy breakfast, this place has seriously good food.

Here’s the bomb in it’s new location. Miranda was excited to get it and gave me a big hug! I then realized I had picked the perfect location. I LOVE LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!


4 Responses to “Meander’s Kitchen Bomb!”

  1. The Velvet Bulldog Says:

    The PERFECT choice! Can’t wait to visit the flower and Miranda!

  2. Irukandji Says:

    Crazy knittah beeeotch! Go YarnCore!

  3. Love the Yarn Bomb flower pot (so sweet) and LOVE Meander’s Kitchen! 🙂

  4. Thank you Yarncore you picked the perfect establishment and our favorite cook and lady- Miranda YOU ALL ROCK

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