YarnCore Strikes Again!

This time in the West Seattle Junction. This one took a little longer to attach, so I got to interact with quite a few more people at this busy intersection. It was good times! Someone even took a photo. It’ll look much better in the light of day. Again, I hope it makes it to light of day, this one was a more time consuming project and I’m quite proud.

Light Pole Sock



3 Responses to “YarnCore Strikes Again!”

  1. LUV, LUV !! Click on the picture (twice) to enlarge for a close-up 🙂

  2. Hats off to you for knitting your yarn bombs. I crochet all mine as they work up so super fast. Knitting annoys me coz it takes so long to make things.

    • Well, I haven’t learned to crochet yet and knitting is like second nature to me. This one only took three evenings to knit. I find that if I knit with very large needles (this was on US size 13 and my previous was on US size 19) then it goes pretty quickly.

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