What a weekend!

After just one bomb, I’ve been inundated with  emails from people who want to help and people who want to partner up for other events and WOW! I just feel so warm and snuggly from the neighborhood’s reaction to one little piece. Thanks West Seattle, you’re amazing.

If you’ve commented that you want to join up, or if you’ve contacted me via email, expect a response soon. It was a busy weekend knitting and socializing, and it is about to be a busy “day job” kind of week, so I’ll most likely start getting on board with everyone next weekend.

I posted it here, there and everywhere, but The West Seattle Blog did a nice little piece on YarnCore on Friday, and I’m just so happy about it. The comments were very encouraging (save for one person who thinks I am ruining everything with my illegal litter, blah) and I found that another local blogger The Tangled Nest wrote a post about it as well. Thanks for all the support everyone!

In the meantime, I’m knitting away today. I’m focusing on a bigger scale project set for May Day to celebrate Springtime, and I’m going to welcome lots of help. Currently my help is coming in feline form.

My little helper.

I never thought I’d have such a huge bucket of cheap acrylic yarn, but I also never thought I’d have a passion for knit graffiti.

So much Red Heart

9 Responses to “What a weekend!”

  1. I for one would like to see more of your illegal litter around here. 🙂
    -West Seattle knitter

  2. Love it! W.S. needs a little more yarn tagging.
    Great picture – RedHeart & red wine,a winning combination!

  3. Hey just wondering if you’d recommend Red Heart? I’m from Australia and we have a very very poor selection of colors in yarns and I’ve noticed Red Heart has some good colors. They ship here so I was thinking about ordering some. Which kind do you use?

    • I’ve been using Red Heart Super Saver that I bought on joann.com for like $2.50 a piece on sale. You get a ton of yardage and it comes in a huge variety of colors, but it is scratchy as hell. But it holds up really well in the rain since it is acrylic. I recommend it, but with the caveat that I would never use it for anything other than bombing because it’s really pretty crappy feeling yarn. It doesn’t seem to bother my hands, though, so that is good.

  4. First off, just stumbled onto your site and love it! Maybe i should look into knitting as a hobby . However I would like to use 100% acrylic yarn for a hair piece that I would like to make. I’ve never done this before but I’m dying to try. I was told to use ONLY acrylic yarn since any other kind would end up locking into the hair.

    I had no idea finding 100% acrylic yarn in seattle proper would be so difficult. After dropping by a couple of places in town with no luck, the only place online in seattle that i’ve confirmed has it is Seattle Yarn all the way in West Seattle. If there is a source of 100% acrylic yarn closer to downtown Seattle I’d like to find it. Or would you recommend ordering online? I’m anxious to get started soon, while I have most of the month off to experiment with yarn styles. Help! 🙂

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