My first yarnbomb!

I braved the rains tonight to sew this little bike rack cozy up in the Admiral District in West Seattle. It was so fun! I mean, even though I sat on the wet ground. A few groups of people walked by, and I certainly got some weird looks, but I also got a lot of smiles! YAY KNIT GRAFFITI!!

Now, please universe, let it not get messed with, taken down or destroyed by jerks for a least a week! Thanks.


6 Responses to “My first yarnbomb!”

  1. Irukandji Says:

    Yes! I hope we find it while out walking about.

  2. It’s beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    That is AWESOME! If you ever need a partner in crime for your shenanigans (ie. a ride, or a lookout), ring me up! I’m up for it!

    • Dude, totally! I was thinking last night how it would have been more fun to have a pal with me, at least so I didn’t look like a big weirdo all by myself sitting on the wet ground. I’m SO glad you are moving back to the west side!

  4. I love it thanks

    If you need some yarn I have lots left from my Mom’s estte- wold love to give it to someone for reativity

  5. Hello! I just saw your article @, and saw that you “I’d love to eventually grow into an army of knitters” … well, I’m an avid knitter and an art major… and I was thinking of doing this yarn bombing kind-of thing myself! I would really be interested in teaming up with you!

    It would be a lot of fun 😀

    – Email me @, I would love to hear back from you!

    – – Sandy

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