Welcome to YarnCore

West Seattle’s new yarn-bombing artist collective, headed up by yours truly. I am J-See, and this is my art.


3 Responses to “Welcome to YarnCore”

  1. West Seattle Art Attack Says:

    Hey J-See,
    I blow glass art and hide it around West Seattle. Would you be interested in teaming up to do a glass and yarn project? Perhaps you could incorporate some glass flowers into your bomb or some ornaments that could be like colorful japanese float balls? Just a thought. Don’t want to intrude on your current project – which is cool by the way.

  2. Ariane HARPERS BAZAAR Says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Ariane Basaguren, I am from Paris and I am a trend journalist working for the magazine Harpers Bazaar SPAIN (Barcelona)

    I am very interested on publishing a report about yarn bombing and the feminine side of street art. I have seen your works and they are really good, congrats!
    Please tell me if you could answer a few questions by email and send me a few high res pics to publish

    I let yo my personal email

    Thank you very much in advance



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